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Moscow Mule Cake

Kiddie cocktails to Moscow mules. Sippy cups to copper mugs. My transition in beverages has gone from sickly sweet to minty and tart.  Moscow mules are one of my favorite cocktails of all time.  Mint and lime might be the quintessential summer pairing and the spiciness of ginger beer make this cocktail a robust refresher. The cocktail is best served in a copper mug to keep the drink frosty cold.  One time I ordered  Moscow mule at a bar and it came in a standard pint glass.  It wasn’t the same.  Something about the chilled copper puts you in the mule mood and makes the cocktail just taste better. You know what’s just as good as a frosty mug? A sticky, sweet slice of cake. Mint, lime, and ginger also come together to make a pretty spectacular cake.  Reminiscent of a tart lemon cake, this one has flecks of lime zest, is soaked in a mint and ginger syrup, and served with a big dollop of fresh whipped lime cream. Cheers to that! PrintMoscow Mule …