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Homemade Marinara Sauce

Lately life has been slowing down a bit around here. Most summer weekends were spent out and about but recently we’ve been able to sleep in and spend more time around the house. I’m not quite sure what’s come over me but I’ve developed a strong desire to get back to basics and stock my freezer with everyday basics to use throughout the winter. I started with marinara sauce.  I don’t know about you but we go through a lot of it. I froze the sauce in one cup portions so I can serve one or a whole crowd with it–depending on whatever I need to make. Now if I only had the looks and kitchen to match Giada De Laurentiis… PrintHomemade Marinara Sauce About 7 cups Ingredients1/2 c. olive oil 1 medium onion, chopped 2 medium carrots, chopped 2 celery stalks, chopped 2 garlic cloves + 1/2 tsp. salt, crushed into a paste (see below) 1 tsp each: dried rosemary, dried basil, dried parsley 1-32 oz. can crushed tomatoes 1-32 oz. can diced tomatoes, …

Pumpkin Butter//Peanut Butter & Dill Pickles Blog

Pumpkin Butter

They say that your tastes change when you grow up and become an adult. It’s true. Foods I Detested as a Kid: Kidney Beans (or any beans for that matter) Mustard Bell Peppers Foods I Love as an Adult: Kidney Beans (and all beans for that matter) Mustard Bell Peppers One new food on the cusp of making it to the “foods I love” list is pumpkin. I loved carving them as a kid but I wouldn’t let the seeds, pie, puree, etc. cross my lips. I’m finally getting with it.  I might be autumn’s biggest fan and therefore couldn’t stay in the pumpkin-free darkness any longer. I figured I’d start small and go with something I could minimally (or liberally as it turns out) put on some toast. I’ve seen the light.  I like pumpkin.  A lot.  No squash is safe.  At least this can of pumpkin wasn’t. The recipe is really simple.  You basically add everything that’s great about autumn (minus the falling leaves) and let it simmer on the stove and while …