Greetings!  I’m Molly and the voice behind this blog.

I love food and all that entails: cooking, food photography, entertaining, acquiring cookbooks, traveling, scouring for kitchenware for my already too-stuffed cabinets, and making memories.

You’ll find all of the above and more here in this blog.

So who am I?  I’m a twenty something (a lady never reveals her true age) living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my husband and two pups.  We’ve got a Scottish Terrier and a German Shepherd.  One of them has a “big dog” complex.  I won’t name names.

My love of cooking started when I was 7.  I was home from school, sick, and had run through every kid movie we owned.  My grandmother brought her 1980’s collection of Martha Stewart entertaining videos over out of desperation to keep me occupied.  I was hooked.  What came out of that? I was garnishing our nightly dinners with herbs out of the garden within a few weeks and asking my mom for Martha’s formal dinner party recipe of spun sugar ice cream sundaes for my birthday.  She said no.  I was a “unique” child.

Quirky Bits About Me

*I’m a Wisconsin girl.  I love the Packers, Spotted Cow beer, snow, and heading to the cabin.

*I married a Texan.  Now I also love jalapenos, Frank’s Red Hot Sauce (not quite putting that sh*t on everything just yet), and shooting guns.

*I watch some sort of cooking show everyday and an episode of Cops before I go to bed everynight. No joke.

*“Sarcastic” could be my middle name…maybe.

*I have a deathly fear of heights but the Skyglide at the fair doesn’t bother me.

*I love bourbon.  Expect to see it around here a lot.

*At one point I’d like to call London, the Rockies, and Nashville, home.  Figure that one out.

*I channel Nigella, Ina, and Martha.  Sometimes not always in that order.

*I like peanut butter and dill pickles…together…obviously.

Bless you for making it to the bottom of this page. As a reward, I’ll share a little tidbit.  Guess who’s over my shoulder in the photo above? That’s Nigella Lawson in the black dress. Now you understand the giddy look on my face.