Dinner & Movie
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Dinner and a Movie

Decisions. Decisions.

What to make for dinner?  What movie to watch tonight?  Which email to read first?  Which bottle of wine to open?  Which section of Williams-Sonoma do I start at first?

Let’s just focus on the first two for now but in case you’re wondering on the rest…

The oldest, the Sauvignon Blanc, and the clearance section.

I’m a straight up movie junkie of all sorts; action, drama, rom-com, documentary, kid movies, classics, psychological thrillers (NOT slasher thrillers!), etc.

Sometimes I can’t remember what I walked into a room for, but I can recite most lines to my favorite films and rattle off the actors’ names like it’s my job.

At the ripe age of 12 I could recite the entire script Steel Magnolias–still can.

I’m constantly picking movies to watch and thinking up what to nosh on.  Sometimes it’s food mentioned or eaten in the movie and other times the region or time period inspires me.  Either way, it’s a blend of two of my favorites–food and film.

Starting a week from today, I’m kicking off a new monthly series where I pair a favorite film with a recipe or two.  Since I love sharing what I love, I’ll also give away a DVD of the movie and occasionally a little something extra too.

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The first film is one of my favorites, naturally, and perfect for summer.  Curious?  Come back Friday to find out!

I was watching Jurassic Park as I was writing this post.

“God creates dinosaurs.  God destroys dinosaurs.  God creates man.  Man destroys God.  Man creates dinosaurs.”

Dinosaurs eat man.  Woman inherits the earth.”

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  1. Blue says

    Awesome idea. I’ve done it oh about 50 times in my life. I just totally relate.
    Here are some of my fav combos
    “French Kiss” +Espresso and pastry. +wine and cheeses.
    “Groundhog Day” Hot Chocolate and French Toast +Soup and a PhillySteak cheese sandwich
    “A New Leaf” wine cooler and Canapés. Teas and cakes
    “Artificial Intelligence ” microwave popcorn and root beer float. + birthday cake with a tall glass of milk.
    “Rio Lobo” tacos with beer. +Flan with caramel sauce and Mexican coffee.
    “Sense and Sensibility ” High Tea of course. +A 5 course meal maybe done in a progressive way (house to house)
    “The Others” macarons and iced water with lemon.
    “Grumpy old men 11 ” spaghetti &meatballs. Garlic bread. Italian coffee. Abelskivers and lingonberry sauce with Spiced Snaps.
    “Chocolat” any decadent chocolate you prefer with lots of laughter.
    “Bernadettes Feast ” Julia Child Meets Hubert Keller fare

    “Finding Nemo” crab legs. Tuna. Australian BBQ
    Well hope you like my few forays into food and film

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