Day: February 18, 2015

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Dude Sandwiches & Leaning Water Towers

A small town in Texas has something strangely in common with Pisa, Italy. My husband hails from Groom, Texas and I bet you’re formulating all sorts of jokes in your head that would match what we heard on our wedding day.  “The groom is from Groom!” and so on and so forth. Groom is situated on good ol’ Route 66 and one of the most recognizable landmarks is the leaning water tower next to the freeway.  According to Mr. Wikipedia, the tower was originally slated to be demolished but Mr. Britten purchased it as a fixture for his truck stop.  While the truck stop is no longer there, the water tower still stands. Given the really flat landscape of the panhandle of Texas, seeing that water tower on the horizon means we’re almost home and can finally stretch our legs after a 17 hour excursion. While the water tower is definitely a symbol for me, most wouldn’t recognize it unless you’d stopped in Groom or cruised that section of Route 66.  Imagine my surprise when …