Month: April 2014


Luly’s Banana Bread

Did you ever grow up thinking what you knew to be something was completely different than what the rest of the world considered to be something? Was that too deep for a Monday? I’m talking about banana bread.  Could you tell?  No? My grandmother Luly, has made this banana bread for as long as I can remember.  It’s unlike any other banana bread I’ve ever had.  Ever. The outside develops a dark brown, sticky exterior and the inside is more like a moist cake than a quick bread.  The smell of it in the oven is something I recognize instantly and brings me right back to being a little girl; licking my little fingers while watching Saturday morning cartoons at her house. I thought everyone’s grandmother made banana bread the same way.  I can remember trying banana bread at bakeries and friend’s houses and being utterly confused.  I learned no two banana breads are alike.  I’m firmly in Luly’s camp. This bread is really more of a dense, moist cake in the shape of traditional …