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Top Recipes in 2013

What a year 2013 was!  Below is a list of the top recipes on the blog last year.  It’s fun to look back and see what resonated with readers…and make me crave warmer temperatures seeing summer photos!

I’ve got a lot planned for the blog this year and want to say again how grateful I am for each and every one of you.  Here’s to 2014!

10. Fall Sangria with Apple Brandy

Fall Sangria with Apple Brandy//Peanut Butter & Dill Pickles Blog

9. The Man Burger

The Man Burger//Peanut Butter & Dill Pickles Blog

8. Grilled Steaks with Bourbon Peppercorn Sauce

Grilled Steaks with Bourbon Peppercorn Sauce//Peanut Butter & Dill Pickles Blog

7. Fat Elvis & Priscilla Beehive Pancakes

Fat Elvis & Priscilla Beehive Pancakes//Peanut Butter & Dill Pickles Blog

6. Mexican Skirt Steak Tacos with Lime Crema & Queso Fresco

Mexican Steak Tacos with Lime Crema & Queso Fresco//Peanut Butter & Dill Pickles Blog

5. Cider Smoked Brined Turkey

The BEST cider brined & smoked turkey! Smoke the turkey on your grill and free up your oven space//Peanut Butter & Dill Pickles Blog

4. Easy Peasy Rustic Bread

Easy Peasy Rustic Bread//Peanut Butter & Dill Pickles Blog

3. Homemade Marinara Sauce

Homemade Marinara Sauce//Peanut Butter & Dill Pickles Blog

2. Bourbon Pecan Pie

Bourbon Pecan Pie//Peanut Butter & Dill Pickles Blog

1. Mimosa Sorbet

Mimosa Sorbet//Peanut Butter & Dill Pickles Blog

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