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Farmers’ Markets & Dog Parties

Onward with the road trip journal.

Hi I’m Molly and I’m a farmers’ market freak on vacations.  Love ’em.

St. Matthew's Farmer's Market

I love markets at home too but I get this giddy “I can’t get this at home so I have to buy everything because I’m here in the now” mentality that generally gets our trunk space into a lot of trouble.

I love the people, sights, sounds, and eating a push pop at 10am because I can.

Salted Caramel Push Pop

It’s somewhat ironic that the best finds at the St. Matthew’s farmers’ market were salted caramel push pops and fresh jalapeno butter.  Did you ever play the Hot and Cold game as a kid?  My market bag brought new meaning to that phrase.

Let me just say, thank goodness for electric coolers.  Due to our mobile refrigeration capabilities, we all got to purchase some of DJ Gourmet’s amazing jalapeno butter.  They sampled the spicy, creamy butter on crackers but being the amazing salesmen they were, they started spouting off ideas on how to use the fiery goodness.

“Imagine this on a baked potato…or melted on popcorn…or brushed on grilled corn…tossed with shrimp!”  Yikes.  They’re good.  None of us could say no.

After spending the morning at the market, we spent some time looking in the local shops and happened upon a really cute dog store.  Having these two in my life makes me a sucker for this kind of stuff.

Walter & Dilla

Seeing the set up in the dog shop made me realize three things.

1. I’m in the wrong line of work.  I should be getting my income from other sucker dog parents like me.

2. It IS possible to spoil our dogs more than we are currently doing now.

3. This room is missing the “you must be this tall to participate in the party and reach the food bowls” sign.  Our Scottish terrier would not be pleased.

Dog Party

Did I mention we bought DJ’s out of jalapeno butter that day?

Jalapeno Butter

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