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An Old Distillery & Why You Never Listen to Anyone Working at Citgo

We’re at the peak of our trip!

The whole point of going!

Stop the presses!

Halt your horses!

Sorry, getting carried away.

Our whole ancestry journey brought us to this place.  The original site of Nelson’s Greenbrier Distillery.


For more on Charles’ Nelson and how I get to call him my great-great-great grandfather, check this out.

The site still has the original warehouse,

Nelson's Greenbrier Distillery

Barrel house

Barrel House

and building foundations.


Not to mention a working spring.


Can I just tell you the chills I got when taking this picture?  My grandmother, (Charles’ great-granddaughter) at the site of his distillery all these years later.

And to think it wasn’t until January that we even knew of the connection and here we stood.

We knew from online research that the site was listed on the National Register and had an accompanying marker.  Wandering around the grounds, with not a marker in sight, we realized it must be in town.

We piled into the car, drove into Greenbrier, Tennessee, and stopped at the Citgo station on the corner.  My mom ran inside to ask the clerk where the sign might be and my sister and I took to Google in hopes we could see something in the photos of the marker online.

While glancing at one photo, I asked my sister, “Doesn’t that look like a gas station overhang in the background?”

“Yeah, it kinda does,” she replied.

My mom came back out and said the clerk was no help.  It was a teenage kid who had no idea what a historical marker was. (This is where my history minor self really questions what kids are learning these days.)

All he would say to my mom was, “I dunno.”

We stood there puzzled until my sister looked up and saw the marker 10 feet from us.  I don’t know what’s more ridiculous: the fact that this kid worked next to the marker everyday and had no idea what/where it was or that we didn’t see something 10 feet in front of us.

For illustrative purposes, Google Street View and I bring you the location of the marker in proximity to the gas station:

Citgo Station

Regardless, never listen to anyone working at Citgo.

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