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Road Trippin’ Southern Style

This weekend I’m taking a really cool road trip.

In general, all road trips are pretty cool but this one is going to be something special.

I’ve blogged before about getting addicted to Ancestry.com and uncovering all sorts of amazing pieces of information.

In the last 6 months I’ve discovered:

Charles Nelson, my great great great grandfather was a distiller from Nashville, Tennessee and at one point was outproducing Jack Daniels 17:1.

elson's Greenbrier Distillery

My great grandfather is a descendent of Queen Catherine Parr of England.  She was the last wife of Henry VIII and outlived him.

Queen Catherine Parr

My great grand uncle was a brilliant chemist who worked under Wernher von Braun, father of the modern space program.

C.W. Nestor (Uncle Bill)

My other great grand uncle was a Japanese POW during WWII and thankfully, returned home safely after four years in Japan.

John L Nestor POW picture article

My maternal grandmother was born in the same hospital Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was pronounced dead in 30 years later.


It’s been a really exciting journey for my family and I so we figured why not take it on the road?  My mother, sister, aunt, and grandmother are piling in the car this weekend and heading to Louisville and Nashville to meet up with relatives, visit old addresses, and re-discover our roots.

The highlight of the trip will hopefully be meeting my fourth cousins who have re-started up the family distillery business and have launched their first bourbon, Belle Meade.  You can read all about the bourbon and my spiked bread pudding and ice cream here!

Belle Meade

I can’t wait to make some memories, share some laughs, and capture a piece of our heritage.

If you aren’t already, now would be a good time to follow me on Facebook and Twitter.  I promise lots of southern foodie finds and hilarious shenanigans from 3 generations of women in one vehicle for 5 days.

To get ready for the trip, I put together some road trip bags for all of the ladies and I’ll share all of the goodies on Friday so y’all c’mon back now, ya hear?

I may just end up just staying south of that Mason Dixon line.  I could totally rock the accent.

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  1. As we passed all the distillery signs on our road trip last week I was totally wishing we could stop at one, but hopefully another time. Sounds like a fun five days ahead for you!

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