Day: May 25, 2013

Molly, Sue & Nigella

Memorable Meals: A Night with Nigella

Once upon a time a British domestic goddess visited Milwaukee. And made me a babbling fool. It’s no secret Nigella Lawson is my idol.  Not just for her recipes, but her approach to food, her lifestyle, her warm, British accent, and her mannerisms.  I know it sounds silly but the way she talks with her hands mesmerizes me. I’ve been following her for YEARS so imagine my awestrucked surprise when I read she was coming to Milwaukee, WI…land of beer and brats. My husband graciously bought me a ticket to attend her event which celebrated the release of her new cookbook, Nigellissima.  Local chefs prepared recipes from her book and Nigella mingled about the room and chatted with all of the attendees.  My mom and sister joined me as well and got pure enjoyment out of seeing me star-struck for the better part of two hours. When Nigella made her way to our table, I was SO nervous!  I didn’t want to be that cliché person who says, “Oh, I’m your BIGGEST fan!” but couldn’t …