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A Very Foodie Christmas

 Well howdy!  Happy 2013!  Remember me?

As I’m sure you can all relate, life has been a little more than hectic around here.  We logged about 2500 miles in the car over the holidays and we’re all still recovering.  Just ask Walter.

Once we returned home (as if I didn’t have enough to do with unpacking, cleaning, etc), I joined a family genealogy site on a whim and have been completely consumed.  My husband feels abandoned and left to forage for his own food, laundry hasn’t been done in days, and I’m starting to see swirls of names and badly copied records everywhere I look.  It’s been amazingly fun and I’ve uncovered a lot about our family history but I’ve been less than “present” recently.

I finally snapped out of it (or took a short break, let’s be real) and am back with some of the best foodie gifts I received this Christmas.

People collect all sorts of different things; coins, stamps, or if you’re my uncle, those giant, touristy pencils.  I collect cookbooks.  I collect them like they are going out of style, which we all know they never will.  I read them like books, write all over them when I try recipes, and pull tons of inspiration from them.  My husband and I are realizing our next home will need to have a giant sized library room with lots of bookshelves if I keep this up.  Imagine over stuffed chairs and sliding ladders along the walls…boy, can this girl dream!

I got some great additions to my collection this year.

Takeaways from this photo:

  1. I idolize Nigella Lawson and the family knows it.
  2. I drink the Pioneer Woman kool-aid.  There’s no way anyone can do what she “does” in one day…but I still love her wit, humor, and the color splashed all over her cookbooks.
  3. The origins of the amazing dutch oven bread concept came from Jim Lahey and I now have the proof…and his cookbook!  If you still haven’t tried it yet, do yourself a favor and click here.
  4. The Salt Lick Cookbook is the best thing that happened to my bookshelf.  My sister and brother in law even got it autographed for me.  Inside it says, “Molly, forget cheese!  Eat more BBQ!”  Man after my own heart.  If you’re unfamiliar with the Salt Lick, do yourself a bigger favor and click here.
Do you ever come across an ingredient that excites you and you don’t know what in the world you’ll use it for, but you have to add it to your pantry anyway?  I got two of those this year from my mother.
I don’t know just yet how I’ll use the sugar and salt but believe you me, I will and it will be good.  How could it not with smoky salt and bourbon sugar?!?
My mother in law also gave me some great additions to the pantry as well.  This truffle oil will be wonderful drizzled over a salad or warm pasta.  I’ve never owned anything “truffle” that wasn’t a chocolate.  I feel like it should have a display case or something.

You can’t live with a Texan and not have some form of honey butter in the house.  If I didn’t smear this on toast once a week, I think my husband would slip into a depression.

Last but not least, soup and sandwich nights in this house have jumped into the 21st century!  We’re still the proud owners of the remaining 2 sets of soup and sandwich servers from my parent’s 1981 wedding gift but thanks to my grandmother, I can now serve 4 more people with dishware that matches our everyday white plates!
So basically what I’m saying is, if 6 of you come over for chunky tomato soup and grilled cheese, 4 of you will look like you walked out of Crate & Barrel and the other 2 will look like you’ve stepped out of a 1980’s time warp.

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday season filled with family, fun, good food, and great memories.  We sure did!

Do you have a favorite foodie gift you received this holiday season?

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  1. Your writing style cracks me up usually (today it was Pioneer Woman kool-aid). I was just telling Chris I would like to check out Ikea for a bigger shelf in our kitchen for cookbooks. As far as fun Xmas foodie gifts, Chris got his beloved deli slicer, but we haven’t used it yet. Oh and the Ove-glove. lol.

  2. Love the idea of a library with stuffed chairs and sliding ladders along the walls!! I watched episode after episode of The Pioneer Woman while on vacation in the Twin Cities at the end of December. Chris was like “oh my god, how many episodes are they going to show in a row?” 🙂

    • That is too funny because I have her show set to record in our DVR and we came home from Texas to the same thing! I have 20 episodes piled up!

  3. My mom and dad got me only foodie gifts for Christmas–the immersion blender, a Kitchen Aid mixer cover and a sifter.

    I also got really addicted to researching our genealogy on Ancestry over the holidays. I was being a nerd and sharing all of the info in my head with my siblings at our holiday celebration. They pretended they didn’t care, but asked for me to send them census records of our relatives anyway. 🙂 Do you belong to Ancestry? I need to get some more info from my mom’s cousin and then I am going to join.

    • I LOVE my immersion blender 🙂 Yes, I joined and there are a few adoptions in our family history so I just joined right away as I knew I’d need to do a lot of digging. It’s addicting!

  4. I bought myself a Dutch Oven to bake your wonderful bread–and I consider that a Christmas gift even though I bought it myself. With the amount of bread I am baking, though, I think it will pay for itself within the year 😉

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