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Fall Visit to the Apple Orchard

My hands down favorite place to go in fall is the apple orchard.

The hands down best orchard I’ve ever been to is the Elegant Farmer in Mukwonago, Wisconsin.

We’ve been going to this orchard for several years now and one of the major reasons is their caramel apple pie.  It’s out of this world good.  Just ask the Wall Street Journal, Food Network, or Gourmet magazine. My Dad has a love for anything apple and I’m pretty sure has dreams about their pie.  In fact, it’s so good my Mom brought one from Wisconsin all the way back to London this summer for my Dad. Over the years we’ve developed an itinerary that we tend to stick to every year.  Here’s our winning formula for a stellar day at the orchard: Start with hot cider and cider donuts from the Donut Shack.

Grab a basket and head to the orchard.
Pick apples to your hearts content!  This year, because our summer drought was so bad, apples were placed in bins out in the orchard and we weren’t able to pick directly off the trees.  Here’s to a milder summer next year!
Ensure you have a wide variety.
Walk back down to the market, enjoying the crisp air and the fall colors.
Head into the market to stock up on goodies including beef sticks, soup mixes, bread mixes, cookies, and of course…the famous apple pie!
Round out the day with a caramel apple snack, BBQ sandwich, or a bowl of warm chili.
That’s our winning recipe for a visit to the orchard!  If you’re ever in Southern Wisconsin, do yourself a favor and try out their famous pies.  If a trip to Wisconsin isn’t in your future, don’t despair.   Elegant Farmer ships pies too!
Not sponsored by The Elegant Farmer.  Just sharing my experience and spreading the love.

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  1. You’ve convinced me that I need to visit The Elegant Farmer. Mukwonago seems so far away, but this is coming from someone who will go to Madison for any reason, so my distance perception might be biased 🙂

  2. We went to the Elegant Farmer for the first time earlier this fall. Loved it. Chris had a chix pot pie that he said was the best he had ever had. I loved the hot cider and sharing a caramel apple with my nephew. We didn’t buy a pie though and I know they are famous for those. My sister bought one but I never got a bite! I recommend the train ride from there to the train station in East Troy and back if you ever go there with kids as they will love it.

    • I’ve only ever had the plain apple and caramel apple pies but they are BEYOND good! The train ride sounds like a blast too! I’ve got lots of cousins that I’m sure would love that 🙂

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