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Back From London & Considering a Move to Borough Market

Hello everyone!

Boy, do the last few weeks feel surreal.  I still can’t wrap my brain around the concept that I attended the Olympics.  Lots more to come on all of our adventures but I wanted to share the “foodie” highlight of the trip.

Borough Market.

I’m considering a move.

Not just to London, but to the market itself.

All I need is small corner.

We stepped off the Tube and into heaven.

This market was buzzing and loaded with pure foodie euphoria.

If you don’t live nearby and visit, be prepared for the biggest tease of your life.

I seriously weighed the consequences of trying to bring back half the market in my suitcase but came to the conclusion that several hours in customs wouldn’t be the best finale to my vacation.

Instead, I brought back what I could in the form of sauces, chutneys, fruit butters, and preserves along with a few tote bags.

And it all captured with these photos.

I’m in serious talks with my software engineer husband to develop scratch n’ sniff computer screens.

Until then, you’ll have to trust me on how I wanted to bottle wonderful smell lingering everywhere.

The market is located in Southwark, London and has been in some form of existence since the 13th century.

It’s filled with all sorts of vendors selling everything from local, artisan products to international items.

A person could wander and sample for hours!

During our visit, we split a chorizo roll from Brindisa that was out of this world!

Front Door to Brindisa
Toasted Rolls, Greens, and Roasted Red Peppers
Sizzling Chorizo

To cool off the heat from the spicy sausage, my Mom and I split a Summer Spritzer from Borough Wines.  It’s a refreshing combination of red wine, lemonade, mint, and a secret liqueur.  It was gone in about 5 minutes.  I might be a market lush.

The rest of the day was spent resisting the urge to buy this.

And these.

A few of these.

All of this.

And a whole hunk of that.

When you finally realize you’ve spent hours wandering only a few city blocks and life is passing you by…you may be able to build up the courage to leave and continue on with your day.
When you do, you’ll pass under this sign.  Which is very inadequate in terms of capturing the despair you feel.  It should really say, “We understand.  This is a very hard step for you.  The market will always be here.  You’ll be ok.”  There should be at least free tissue boxes to dry your tears.
Now I want a chorizo roll for lunch…great.

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