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Ice Cream Finale…Finally!

Hello!  I’m back.

I had brain freeze…aka 30 days of straight ice cream blogging and I needed a break.

The best cure for a brain freeze…

A trip to Austin, Texas.  It’s hot down here!

But back up to Wisconsin and the finale ice cream party last weekend.

I apparently thought it was a good idea to stuff people full of food before trying to eliminate 30 quarts of ice cream from my deep freeze.

It went over very well.







In case you’re wondering where the photos of the ice cream are…there aren’t any.


I got so wrapped up in the party and scooping 30 flavors I totally, 100% forgot to take any.

I assure you a lot of it was consumed and we had a house full of people.

Because I feel like an idiot for not taking any photos after the banner above, I made my husband hold an ice cream scoop this morning in Austin.

Just to have one last ice cream photo.

He’s a good sport.

Thanks for reading and following along!

Ice cream is good.

And fun.

Speaking of fun, we’ve been having a blast in Austin!  I can’t wait to share all the BBQ, food trucks, and all around delicious food we’ve been having.

Start getting jealous now!

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  1. Anonymous says

    I’m jealous of all the people that got to consume your ice cream without me!!!

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