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Methods to Save Me from the Ice Cream Madness

You might be surprised to learn that for as much as I love ice cream (click here if you didn’t know I loved ice cream), I really had never made it before.  Crazy I know.

In fact, my first taste of true, homemade ice cream was when I met my future mother-in-law for the first time.  She made it for a summer party at our house and changed my world.

Since I was a newbie, I began researching recipes and methods to find the best and easiest (remember I’m embarking on 30 recipes, people) ones out there.

My favorite recipe and method is from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams for several reasons:

  • Absence of eggs–don’t get me wrong I love eggs but I was going to have to obtain my own coop to supply 30 days worth of ice cream recipes
  • No need to chill for hours in the refrigerator; instead you flash chill in a plastic bag in an ice bath
  • It’s downright tasty

For the next 30 days most of the recipes are an adaptation of Jeni’s Base Recipe and I use her method since I think it’s so great!

I’m also a huge fan of Nigella Lawson’s “no churn” method as its super speedy and you don’t need an ice cream maker.  Read an example here.  This method will make a few appearances too!

So let’s get to it!


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