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In the Mood for a Marathon

Let me preface this post by saying I usually don’t run unless something scary is chasing me.

Things that DON’T qualify as “scary”:
-My husband when he thinks it would be funny to see me run
-Family or friends who think it would be funny to see me run
-My husband in an Iron Man mask at Target
-My husband in an Iron Man mask with a foam sword at Target

Are you getting that I’m not going to be discussing a “running” marathon?

Ever since I started Peanut Butter & Dill Pickles, I’ve had the crazy notion that I should go on a sprint and blog everyday for a month.  I’ve learned that this is often referred to as a “blogging marathon” in the blogosphere.

So what to blog about for 30 days?  How about my favorite food of all time…


I love it.  A lot.

Here’s how much I love it. 

For several months out of the year I live in sub zero temperatures.  It’s called Wisconsin.  Before that I lived in Minnesota, so I’ve got “winter” street cred.  In that frigid half of the year I will not turn down ice cream or frozen custard.

Even if I can’t feel my toes or fingers.

Even if I risk my tongue freezing to the spoon.

My husband hails from Texas and on these sub zero days he still comes home from work every night and changes into shorts and a t-shirt.  There are no winter/summer wardrobe changes on his side of the closet.

He sticks it to ole’ man winter with summer apparel.  I do it with ice cream.

So now that you understand my seriousness, get ready.

The month of June will be filled with 30 ice cream recipes–one every day.

Go ahead, call me crazy.

I did cheat and get a headstart–May has been a fun month.

Now, since I have no business with 30 quarts of ice cream in my chest freezer, the finale post will be about a party with family and friends to share the love…and get the abundance of calories out of my house.

So stick around and we’ll see if I’m still standing on June 30th.

P.S. I feel bad that I didn’t have any photos to include in this post so here are some randoms.  I’m a visual person and this post went against my grain!

The orchid on my windowsill is in full bloom!  
Two dog beds are better than one.
A couch and an arm trump any number of dog beds!

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