Day: May 4, 2012

Fat Elvis & Priscilla Beehive Pancakes//Peanut Butter & Dill Pickles Blog

Fat Elvis & Beehive Priscilla Pancakes

Meet the Presleys. Breakfast is awesome.  Breakfast for dinner is even awesome-er. (I don’t care if that’s not a word.) Don’t you feel like you’re getting away with something when you have breakfast for dinner? It’s that same feeling you had as a kid when your Dad let you have ice cream for dinner and watch the Simpsons when your Mom was away for a Junior Womens Club meeting. *Don’t worry; I didn’t just bust my dad there.  We threw him under the bus with that one years ago–my mom is well aware.  We won’t let him live it down or forget it either.* I was driving home last night , breakfast on the docket for dinner, and decided Bisquick was staying in the pantry tonight. I had the time and energy to play.  That doesn’t happen very often. Bacon, bananas, and peanut butter were definitely making appearances. You know who else liked bacon, bananas, and peanut butter? Elvis. You know who liked bacon, bananas, and peanut butter more than Elvis? Fat Elvis. You also can’t have …