Month: February 2012

A Sophisticated S’more…or just a downright delicious one!

Salty sweet.  Sweet salty.  Nothing not to love. I haven’t had a s’more in years.  When I saw this post on s’mores over at TasteSpotting I was gobsmacked. Why hadn’t this occurred to me sooner?  And why didn’t I ever think to pair an adorable, if somewhat comical, piggy graham cracker with it? It got me thinking about changing it up.  Of course we’re keeping the staples; marshmallows and chocolate…and I’m not leaving out bacon now that I’ve been enlightened. What about peppery bacon…something spicy…something different? Gingersnap.  Why not a gingersnap instead of a graham cracker?!?  WITH BACON! So here you go.  Sophisticated or just downright delicious.  You decide. Could this be easier? Fry Bacon (if bold go with peppered) Buy some gingersnaps…or if ambitious make your own so you can control size and crunch.  Here’s my favorite gingersnap recipe from Smitten Kitchen Add some milk or dark chocolate squares…or both…I won’t judge. Bow down to the bacon. Layer on the flammable, puffy sugar. Turn into a pyromaniac. Squish and serve. Seriously now…yum.

Blackberry Mascarpone Semifreddo with Port Sauce

Sometimes you discover a great food combination.  Here’s the story behind one of those discoveries. Several years ago when living in Minnesota, my mom hosted a baby shower for her good friend, Julie.  At the party there was a cheese tray, assorted crackers, and fruit.  Pretty standard.  Quickly all the ladies were buzzing about mascarpone, on a Carr’s whole wheat cracker, with a tart blackberry on top.  Sounds so simple but was so good!  We still talk about that combination and it frequently turns up at parties and get-togethers.  That’s how this combination came to be. Smooth, mild, creamy cheese. Tart, fresh blackberries. Buttery, sweet crackers. I wanted to take this to another level. Side note: Remember that scene in the film Armageddon where Ben Affleck argues that animal crackers are more cookies than crackers?  I feel the same way about Carr’s Whole Wheat Crackers.  Don’t be fooled by the name.  These delicious discs are more crumbly, buttery, sweet biscuits than anything resembling a cracker. I’m a sucker for anything resembling ice cream, custard, you …