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Kick Off!

Welcome to Peanut Butter & Dill Pickles!

I decided to start another blog after my previous one, The Unsinkable Molly M.  I was a bit scattered in that blog and didn’t have a clear focus of what I wanted it to be–at the time I was ok with that.  The previous posts below this one came from that blog.

This blog will be different!

Since I’ve been very young I’ve always been really interested in food and cooking.  I’ve grown up under some wonderful cooks in my circle of family and friends.  Lately, with lots of wedding planning going on, I’ve found myself really going back to cooking as a stress reliever and a way to just have some fun and relax.  I’ve gotten inspired by a lot of things (new restaurants, new recipes, throwing things together for fun, etc.) and decided to build a blog around my renewed love of all things food–hence Peanut Butter & Dill Pickles!

So…I’m back…with renewed focus!  I’ve already got some great ideas for this blog and I wanted to it kick off  before our wedding and honeymoon and as soon as we return I plan to have some posts about our Jamaican foodie experiences.

Thanks for following!

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Writer of recipes. Storyteller with a food twist. Sarcasm/humor served on the side.

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